The story of Al Chile began 10 years ago when two Mexican brothers migrated to Cambridge, UK. It is said that when you are positive and have trust in yourself, you can accomplish anything you want. This is what drove them to pursue their ambitions.

Octavio & German were born in Zacatecas Mexico and moved to Cambridge to grow both personally and professionally. After his arrival, Octavio started looking for opportunities at Mexican-American restaurants located in Cambridge. It was then that he learned and developed many of his skills as a restaurant chef.

From early on in his life, Octavio learned to cook for his whole family, in order to help his mother when she did not have time to do it herself. He eventually realised that he could cook really well and began utilizing his newly learned skills as a chef. After working in a local restaurant for a while, he developed higher standards and thus became more professional and confident as a chef.

German, focused more on his studies, which related to the business side of things. He graduated from university with a marketing degree.  At the time of his studies, he also worked part-time in a coffee shop/restaurant where he learned new skills and more importantly, where he also developed a clear business project he was always passionate about. The idea originated from his roots: Mexico and Mexican cuisine. He realised that his idea had the potential to become a success and thus decided that he would began developing his project as soon as he could. In his mind he thought the project had to immediately start or it would never take shape. His idea was to start the best Mexican food kitchen people ever knew, 100% made by Mexicans with real Mexican flavors and real Mexican taste.