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Al Chile Mexican Style Nachos

Mexican Lunch

The traditional eating habits of Mexicans cater to a lifestyle around their work and daily activities. While our hefty meal is dinner, Mexicans eat small portions during dinner time. In the Mexican culture, work ceases during the middle of the day (similar to our lunch break but for a longer period of time).Traditional Mexican Lunch is the biggest meal in our culture; it’s a leisure time to talk with friends and family. A Mexican breakfast can range from something light to a huge spread of food. 

    • Mains

    • Tacos and Taco Light

      Four soft corn tortillas or fresh lettuce leaf wrapped around with one of our main fillings topped with diced onion, coriander and jalapeños.

    • Burritos

      Flour tortilla with pinto beans, rice, one of our main fillings and add our fresh toppings. Or ask for our Naked burrito.

    • Taco Salad Bowl

      Flour tortilla, fresh lettuce, pinto beans, one of our main fillings and delicious toppings.

    • Quesadilla

      Flour tortilla, folded with melted cheese, one of our fillings and garnish on the side.

    • Nachos

      Corn tortilla chips, with melted cheese topped with pico de gallo, jalapeños and one of our main filling.

    • Choose your filling(s)

    • Chili Con Carne

    • Steak (A)

    • Chicken

    • Carnitas (Slow cooked Pork)

    • Vegetarian Options:

    • Nopales (Cactus)

    • Beans/Cheese

    • Lunch Deals

    • Choose from:

      Burrito, Nachos, Tacos or Quesadilla with a Fizzy Drink and one of the fillings:

    • Chili con Carne

    • Vegetarian

    • Cheese and beans

    • Drinks

    • Coca Cola

    • Diet Cola

    • Sprite

    • Fanta

    • Water

    • Extras

    • Guacamole (V)

    • Sour Cream (G)

    • Cheese Sauce (G)

    • Cheese (G)

    • Extra Meat

    • Our Salsas 100% Mexicans

    • Mexican Salsa (V)

    • Tijuana Sauce (V)

    • Salsa Verde (V)

    • Chipotle Mayo (V)

    • Chipotle Sauce(V)

    • Habanero Sauce (V)